Office Hours

Sep 23, 2019


Welcome to John of God Crystal Bed Chromotherapy! We understand the importance of providing flexible and convenient office hours to accommodate our clients' needs. Our expert practitioners are dedicated to your well-being and offer various appointment slots throughout the week. Read on to find out more about our office hours and how you can book your session with us.

Flexible Appointment Slots

At John of God Crystal Bed Chromotherapy, we prioritize our clients' schedules. We offer a wide range of flexible appointment slots to ensure you can find a time that works best for you. Whether you have a busy work schedule or other commitments, we have options available to accommodate your needs. Our goal is to provide a hassle-free booking experience, allowing you to prioritize your well-being without any unnecessary stress.

Weekday Availability

Our weekday availability ensures that you can easily find a suitable time for your crystal bed chromotherapy session. We are open from Monday to Friday, allowing you to schedule your appointment during business hours. Whether you prefer morning, afternoon, or evening sessions, our practitioners are here to provide the utmost care and attention to your well-being.

Extended Hours

In addition to weekday availability, we understand that some clients may require extended hours due to their specific needs. Therefore, we offer extended hours on select days to ensure everyone can benefit from our crystal bed chromotherapy services. Our extended hours may vary, so please check our online booking system or contact our friendly staff for the latest updates.

Convenient Weekend Sessions

Weekends are often a time for relaxation and self-care. We recognize this and have incorporated weekend sessions into our office hours to cater to your preferences. Whether you need a Saturday morning session to kickstart your weekend or a Sunday evening session for a rejuvenating end, we have options available. Discover the flexibility and convenience of our weekend sessions and experience the healing benefits of crystal bed chromotherapy.

Booking Your Appointment

Booking your appointment with us is simple and convenient. We offer an online booking system that allows you to choose the date and time that suits you best. Our website's user-friendly interface lets you navigate through available slots, ensuring a seamless booking process. If you have any specific requests or questions regarding our services, feel free to reach out to our knowledgeable team who will be more than happy to assist you.

Adhering to Your Schedule

Once you have booked your appointment, we understand the importance of punctuality. At John of God Crystal Bed Chromotherapy, we value your time and ensure that our practitioners adhere to your scheduled time slot. You can trust us to provide a prompt and efficient service, giving you the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in the healing experience without any unnecessary waiting or delays.


At John of God Crystal Bed Chromotherapy, we aim to provide the highest quality of service while accommodating our clients' busy schedules. Our flexible office hours, including weekday availability, extended hours, and weekend sessions, allow you to prioritize your well-being conveniently. Book your appointment today through our user-friendly online booking system and experience the transformative benefits of crystal bed chromotherapy.

Contact Us

If you have any queries or require further information, our dedicated team is here to assist you. Please feel free to contact us through our website or give us a call during our office hours. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you embark on your holistic wellness journey.

Igor Gabrik
Great to hear that John of God Crystal Bed Chromotherapy offers flexible office hours! 💪🕒 I can finally schedule a session that works with my busy schedule. 😊
Nov 8, 2023